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-More People Read the Bible At Christmas?

by Dr. D ~ December 26th, 2014


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Do more people read the Bible during Christmas than any other time of the year? According to YouVersion Bible ministry, it is the busiest season for the usage of their Bible apps. From the Christian Post:

Christmas is a time often associated with trees, Santa Claus, mangers, family gatherings, television specials, and the opening of presents. But according to a very successful technological Christian ministry, the season for giving may also be the season for Bible reading.

Bobby Gruenewald, the pastor who was the mastermind behind the YouVersion Bible App, told The Christian Post that during December the rate of Bible App usage increases.

"Our data gives us insight into people’s interaction with the Bible around the world: installs of the app, chapters read, bookmarks and highlights created, verses shared, and more," said Gruenewald.

"Every year, engagement spikes beginning with Christmas time … Engagement is accelerated even further in January as people interact with the Bible in record numbers."Gruenewald told CP that he believed this increase was because "people are yearning to connect with the significance of what we’re celebrating."

"Through daily time in the Bible, we can reflect on the birth of Jesus and what that gift means for our lives today. And at New Year’s, people are resolving to start afresh as they set goals to spend time in the Bible every day," said Gruenewald.

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Response: I believe that Christmas may indeed create greater interest in the Bible than any other time of the year. From our experience, Christmas always seems to generate the greatest interest in our Answers Bible Study site. We consistently receive greater numbers of readers in December than any other month of the year and our most popular post during the month and for all year (or for any year) has always been our Answers Bible Study:

The Christmas Story

The post merely lists the major references in the Bible associated with Christmas. I also include the Christmas story Bible references in our traditional Christmas Day greeting every year.

In spite of all of the commercialism and Santa legend emphasis, folks still want to get in tune with the real Christmas Story and with what Christmas is really all about and that can only be found in the Bible.              *Top

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