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-Catholic League’s Billboard Christmas Message Targets ‘Christian Haters’

by Dr. D ~ December 5th, 2014


Nearly every year the Catholic League sponsors a billboard Christmas message but traditionally they have been displayed in New York City or nearby. Most of the time it is a positive message about the Christian season. This time the bill board went up in Hollywood CA and is producing some controversy. Here’s the story from the Blaze:

A newly unveiled billboard campaign from the Catholic League is taking aim at Christian persecution, but atheists are readying their own response that they say will poke fun at the controversial message. …

Rather than placing the message in the heart of New York City as the organization typically does each holiday season, the billboard has intentionally been erected near Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.

The central message of the illuminated sign — which is on display through December 28 — is that, while there are different forms and levels of anti-Christian persecution, the general sentiment is motivated by the same emotion: hatred.

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Response: Usually the Catholic league comes out with a positive message that counters all of the negative atheist billboards that have become a tradition lately. I agree with the sentiment but disagree that this is the time of the year to address it. I prefer their usual references to the birth of Jesus as being the major reason for the celebration.               *Top

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