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-Euro Parliament Tells Pakistan to Dump Blasphemy laws

by Dr. D ~ November 28th, 2014


Finally the Europeans seem to be waking up to the Islamist threat around the world even if they continue to ignore it close to home in their own countries. The European Parliament is demanding that Pakistan do away with their ‘blasphemy laws.’ Here’s the story from BosNewsLife:

The European Parliament (EP) on Thursday, November 26, urged Pakistan to withdraw blasphemy laws after a Christian mother of five lost her appeal against the death penalty.
"Asia Bibi has already spent four years on death row, though she is innocent," said Dutch legislator Peter van Dalen of the ChristenUnie (Christian Union) party in the EP. "She should be released," he told the EP Thursday…

Besides "insulting Prophet Muhammad" she was accused "of contaminating" the well by Muslims. Bibi has denied wrongdoing.
Van Dalen said her case underscored it was "rightly so" that the EP demanded the withdrawal of Pakistan’s controversial blasphemy legislation.

…Van Dalen argued that the blasphemy measures are against human rights treaties Pakistan signed in exchange for trade deals with the European Union.

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Response: This is good news. Finally the Europeans are putting pressure on Pakistan to uphold the human rights treaties that they have obviously ignored. Something the present US administration refuses to do.

These provisions, which are a product of Sharia, are being used to kill hundreds of innocent Christians and other minorities every year under the pretense of insulting Islam and Muhammad. Most of the time the very existence of the ‘unbelievers’ is enough to bring radical Islamists into action. Many times in the past the laws have been used by Muslims to eliminate business rivals and to pick up wanted property from ‘infidels.’

In the case referred to here, Asia Bibi, a Christian woman, merely shared her Christian love of Jesus Christ with others which was supposedly an affront to Muhammad but the most ridiculous charge of all is that she ‘contaminated’ a local well supposedly by using it. The fact that Pakistani courts took those charges seriously and then condemned her to death for those questionable infractions should be enough to demonstrate the folly and outright barbarity of the so-called ‘Blasphemy Laws.’

Meanwhile, the Arab League has been trying to get the UN to accept a milder version of the blasphemy laws and apply them internationally. The abuses and uses of the laws in the persecution of religious minorities should demonstrate the reasons why these laws need to be opposed and completely eliminated in the 21st century.              *Top

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