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-Rick Warren: “We Cannot Cave on This Issue”

by Dr. D ~ November 21st, 2014


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Speaking before a Vatican-sponsored international conference on marriage, evangelical (SBC) pastor Rick Warren spoke out in favor of traditional marriage proclaiming: 

“…we cannot cave on this issue”

Here’s the story from LifeSite News:

Speaking at Pope Francis’ Humanum conference November 17, Evangelical pastor and author Rick Warren talked about God’s plan for marriage, and along with Southern Baptist ethicist Russell Moore, decried the ruin of marriage resulting from today’s sexual mores.

“To redefine marriage would destroy the picture that God intends for marriage to portray, and we cannot cave on this issue,” Warren said. “It’s a picture of Christ and his Church."

"What are we going to do about this?” he said, according to a report from Christian Today. “The Church cannot cower in silence. The stakes are too high."

Never give up and never give in, was Warren’s message, saying the Church cannot be salt and light in a crumbling culture if it caves in to the sexual revolution and fails to provide a counter-cultural witness.

Warren called it a “total myth” to have to compromise and give up on biblical truth and marriage in order to evangelize.

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Response: Pastor Rick Warren is completely correct on this. Churches in America must continue to teach Biblical truth and stand for traditional Christian standards or cease being true representatives of the Church of Jesus Christ. Already some of the more liberal mainline denominations have abandoned the faith on many different levels and their approach towards acceptance of same-sex marriage and homosexual clergy is only one manifestation of their departure from Biblical teaching and authority.

On this website we have recently predicted that all churches and clergy in America would soon be forced to decide between Biblical teaching and traditional marriage or whether to join with the dominant culture in the  acceptance of same-sex marriage and homosexuality.  The choice is really between obeying God and his teaching or cultural accommodation. There will be consequences either way. Bottom line, there will probably be some re-positioning and re-alignment of churches over the marriage issue. Particularly within the evangelical movement.             *Top

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