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-Sweden Has 55 ‘No-Go’ Muslim Zones Where Sharia Law Rules

by Dr. D ~ November 10th, 2014


Political correctness and ‘multiculturalism’ has produced 55 ‘no-go’ zones in Sweden that are essentially Muslim micro-states where sharia law rules. Here’s the story from Investor’s Business Daily:

…There are Muslim enclaves where postal, fire and other essential services — even police officers themselves —require police protection.

A police report released last month identifies 55 of these "no-go zones" in Sweden. These zones are similar to others that have popped up in Europe in recent years. They formed as large Muslim populations emigrating to politically correct and tolerant European states refuse to assimilate and set up virtual states within a state where the authorities fear to tread.

Soeren Kern of the Hudson Institute has documented the proliferation of these zones. They are de facto Muslim micro-states under Shariah law that reject Western values, society and legal systems. In these districts non-Muslims are expected to conform to the dictates of fundamentalist Islam or face violent consequences.  …

Muslim immigration to Sweden has been fostered by an open-border asylum policy.

<Read the whole article>

Response: These types of Muslim ‘no-go’ sharia zones are popping up all over Europe now. This story is about Sweden but similar zones are in nearly every European nation. They really do pose an actual ‘Trojan Horse’ threat to the future of the host country. With the indigenous European growth rate at near zero, in 20 or 30 years the fast growing Muslim population will begin to dominate the culture and governance of Europe. In Italy the Muslims are already talking about surrounding the Vatican and making it a ‘hostage’ island. If this trend continues where will that leave the USA internationally in the next generation?

This has not happened in the US yet and it should never be tolerated as long as our laws and Constitution are enforced. However some things happening in places like Dearborn, Michigan and in some neighborhoods in Detroit are disturbing with the Muslim ‘call to prayer’ blasting forth on load speakers for all to hear- believers and infidels alike.

In America we have freedom of religion guaranteed in the Constitution and everyone is supposed to be equal under the law. However, Islam brings with it a competing jurisprudence system called Sharia where men and women and children are all treated different. Also where Sharia rules, unbelievers have fewer rights and are expected to comply to the religious rules regardless. The point is, Sharia is obviously incompatible with American law and traditions. Muslims are free follow their religion in America but they must also follow American laws like everyone else.

Sharia should never be allowed to formally or even be informally imposed upon or rule in any town or jurisdiction in the USA. Even in areas where Muslims are the majority. A separate and competing system of law cannot be allowed to be established in America. Particularly the kind that we see in Europe where bands of thugs have created and enforced ‘no-go’ Sharia zones. Our future depends upon it.             *Top

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5 Responses to -Sweden Has 55 ‘No-Go’ Muslim Zones Where Sharia Law Rules

  1. Brian

    Omitted from the article is one aspect of the Swedish government that is 100% welcome in the “no go” zones — the Swedish welfare state. Throughout western Europe, wherever these little Islamic states spring up, they are subsidized and funded by the social services/welfare systems established by the European states.


  2. Dr. D

    So the Europeans are paying for their own demise through their extensive welfare system? Poetic and diabolical. Add to that the Saudi’s subsidizing radical madrassas, mosques, and imams and the results could ultimately shift the international balance of power leaving America alone with little support in opposing Islamist terrorism.

  3. no name

    i have massage to moslims
    if you dont like our western style of living go *** and go back from where you come
    WE dont want you

  4. Anonymous Swede

    Just a thing I felt I needed to take up, with the map of “Eurabia”, Poland, the Czech republic and Switzerland are not becoming islamic, like most other countries in europe.

    And Dr.D,
    Yes, part of our high taxes goes to welfare and through welfare to sharia-loving muslims.

    Going to move to Switzerland when I have enough money.


    […] http://www.cheriberens.net/islamization-of-sweden.html https://answersforthefaith.com/2014/11/10/sweden-has-55-no-go-muslim-zones-where-sharia-law-rules/ […]

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