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-Can Religion be Eradicated in One Generation?

by Dr. D ~ November 6th, 2014


Can religion be eradicated in one generation through education? That is what physicist Lawrence M. Krauss claims. Here is the story from The Blaze:

Krauss, who made this claim while delivering a speech to the Victorian Skeptics Cafe in Australia in late August, spoke, among other subjects, about how children should be taught about faith in schools, claiming that religious systems shouldn’t be treated “as if they’re all sacred.”

Instead, he argued for changes in how children learn about religion and critical thinking — proposals that are just beginning to gain traction this week. …

Addressing the future of religion, Krauss cited gay marriage and slavery in offering up a dire prediction: that religion could be largely eradicated within just one generation’s time.

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Response: Many have tried to eradicate certain religions and have failed in the past. Hitler tried to do away with Judaism a generation ago and failed. Several Roman emperors tried to eradicate Christianity in its infancy but we know how that went. In fact the worst thing that happened to Christianity was becoming the state religion and mixing it up with politics.

Chairman Mao attempted to do this in China. In fact his wife claimed at one point that Christianity had been completely eradicated. There were only 900,000 or so Christians in China when the Communists under Mao shutdown all of the churches and kicked out the missionaries. However the church went underground and through a continual series of supernatural events new leaders rose up and today the church is even stronger than ever with over 100 million members and growing at an exponential rate that may see half a Billion to a billion Chinese believers in 20 or 30 years.

Others like Voltaire made similar claims that religion or the Bible and Christianity in particular would be gone within a generation but Christianity is currently growing exponentially and there are more Christians and a larger percentage of the world are Christian believers in the 21st century than ever before.

What most secular folks do not realize is that there is a supernatural character and presence (called the Holy Spirit) that Christian believers experience that brings personal and corporate direction which is beyond anything any human organization can offer or even begin to understand.

In answer to folks like Krauss, we should keep a close watch on what our children are being taught in school about religion.  If the Bible and the Christian faith can no longer be taught in American public schools than secular propaganda against religion and Christianity should also not be tolerated. Secular humanist educators should not be allowed to prejudice the next generation against religion in an unbalanced environment where anti-religious claims are allowed to go unanswered.             *Top

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