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-Canada: Christian Law School Can’t Get Accreditation Over Homosexuality

by Dr. D ~ November 4th, 2014


                               (Illustration from Trinity Western University website)

Canada seems to be a few years ahead of us in a negative way over the battles for Religious liberty in the face of political correctness and special rights for homosexuality. A Christian law school with a traditional Biblical view on homosexuality has not been able to get recognition or accreditation from the law bars in three different provinces of Canada calling into question the future of the school.

In the most recent effort the school was rejected by the British Columbian Law Society.  Here’s the story from the Blaze:

It is slated to be Canada’s first Christian law school, but a new challenge facing the School of Law at Trinity Western University over its stance on homosexuality could call its future into question.

British Columbia officially became the third province to reject Trinity Western’s plans to launch a faith-based law school last week, with the Law Society of British Columbia reversing its previous decision to officially recognize graduates of the institution. …

Trinity Western’s traditional view on homosexuality is at the center of critics’ opposition, as students at the school must sign a document that affirms relationships should be confined to one man and one woman, as CBC reported.

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Response: I have been following this story for some time now. Nothing like this was happening in the USA which I attributed to our strong Constitutional protections. So I didn’t bother to post on this religious freedom issue developing in our neighbor country.

Then recently the regional accreditation of Gordon College in Mass. was threatened over the College’s Biblical standards of behavior which banned sexual relations outside of marriage. The heterosexual premarital ban did not bother the accreditation officials but the homosexual kind even outside of marriage is a protected PC behavior and the college standards are still being looked with an implied threat to their recognition. So We will be following this story with a look towards how the future might be played out in our own nation.             *Top

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