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-California Mandated Abortion Coverage Includes Churches?

by Dr. D ~ October 24th, 2014


It started as a mandate that would force religious institutions and universities to include Insurance coverage for elective abortion. Now the state appears to be including churches in their new abortion mandate even if it is contrary to the stated beliefs of that religious organization? Here’s the story from the Blaze:

A recent regulatory change in California now requires all employer health plans in the state — including those offered by churches and faith-based organizations — to cover elective abortions …

The abortion policy immediately took effect August 22, with the government giving 90 additional days for the language in health care plans to officially change, according to state documents. …

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Response: This is even worse than I initially thought since the new mandate has no stated limits and state officials seem to be predisposed to force it on all religious institutions including churches. It doesn’t seem to matter that this would seem to be a clear violation of the First Amendment?

This is way beyond what the Obama administration attempted and failed to do with their HHS Contraceptive and Abortifacient Mandate. According to SCOTUS the First Amendment protects religious organization and institutions even religious business owners from violating their religious liberty and conscience by providing contraceptive or morning after pill coverage.

So California responds by dropping forced contraceptive coverage but still requires everyone including churches have to go one step worse and provide coverage for abortion? One would think that this would not stand but the crazy 9th Circuit will probably approve. Also one cannot depend that SCOTUS will even take this case or rule in a way similar to the HHS Mandate. The make-up of the court could be far different by the time this case is appealed past the circuit court.            *Top

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