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-Supreme Court Pass on Same-Sex Marriage: Impact on Churches?

by Dr. D ~ October 9th, 2014

The recent Supreme Court decision to pass on 5 cases regarding same-sex marriage may none-the-less have some impact upon Christian churches. Especially in at least 30 states where homosexual marriage is now tantamount to being the law of the land.

See the video above from Citizen Link and the following comments:

Churches will have to take action in order to protect themselves from what’s coming next.

The Supreme Court’s choice not to hear several marriage challenges opens the door for as many as 30 states to no longer define marriage as one man and one woman. …

As a result, churches in many states need to get good legal counsel and take specific steps to fend off inevitable lawsuits.

We have written before on the possibility that churches might be forced to host same-sex marriages in states where it is now legal. In that post we suggested that churches need to be pro-active and develop an official policy before homosexual couples come and request use of the church property for same-sex ceremonies and end up suing the church if turned away:

… the Alliance Defending Freedom has suggested that all churches have an official policy drawn up concerning the use of their facilities. Such a policy they say would be helpful in protecting and defending churches from uses that are contrary to their beliefs. They have even prepared a sample document that might be helpful in the process.

Fortunately we still have a Constitution and a First Amendment that should protect our religious liberty in America. While ministers and congregations may not be forced to support and participate in same-sex ceremonies that are contrary to their religious beliefs, if their church facilities are rented out for public uses such as weddings then some believe that churches could be forced into hosting same-sex marriages regardless. So that may be a coming legal battle that churches in America may soon be facing.

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