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-Atheist Group Claims Word ‘Salvation’ Too Religious For Public Schools?

by Dr. D ~ October 6th, 2014

An atheist group is now claiming that the word ‘salvation’ is far too religious to be used in public schools regardless of the context? A HS school band in Ohio has received a complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation demanding that the band members cease using the title of their music program for the year- ‘Salvation.’ The atheist group is also upset that the students are wearing t-shirt bearing the offending word. View the story in the video from Citizen Link above.

Response: The irony of the FFRF complaining about the title of a musical piece written by a Russian composer that was censored and not allowed to be performed in Communist Russia is instructive. It clearly demonstrates that censoring any possible vestiges of religion from the public square is at the very heart of their movement. It is a musical piece without words but the very title- “Salvation is Created” is to be censored as inappropriate for public school according to the FFRF?

Some of the greatest music of all time has religious themes and it would seem to be impossible to even study the history of Western music without a Bach here and a Hallelujah Chorus there.

To add even more to the irony of this situation, the composer- Tschesnokov wrote the piece as a response to the communist eradication of religion in Russia. The Communist rulers were boldly proclaiming that Marxism was the ‘Salvation’ of their country and the world. Like Jefferson who wrote in the Declaration of Independence that our freedoms came from the Creator, Tschesnokov’s message was similar and summed up in the title. Accordingly the inspiration for this piece of instrumental music came from Psalm 74. Here’s one verse:

Ps 74:8
They said in their hearts, "We will crush them completely!"
They burned every place where God was worshiped in the land.


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