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-Turkey Now Closing Churches?

by Dr. D ~ October 1st, 2014

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Following its defeat as the last Muslim caliphate in WWI the country of Turkey rose from the ashes as a ‘secular’ nation directed by the military rather than religious leaders. All that began to change when the current pro-Islamist government of  Recep Erdogan came to power in 2003. Since then the country has been transitioning from a secular nation towards becoming an official Muslim nation once more with all the former vestiges of sharia law beginning to rise up from the dustbin of history.

Now Turkey is beginning to clamp down on Christian churches even to the point of shutting them down over questionable trumped up charges. The current Islamist government refuses to allow the establishment of seminaries to train Christian ministers to serve the millions of Christians in the country which forces churches to depend upon foreign ministers that are vulnerable to being arrested and deported by the current government.

Here’s an account of the most recent shuttering of a Protestant Church in the country from World Watch Monitor:

Turkish authorities have sealed a Protestant church in Southeast Turkey and ordered its American pastor fined and deported on charges of "working illegally."

Lawyers filed a court appeal Sept. 26 to postpone the deportation, protesting what Turkey’s Association of Protestant Churches called an "absolutely arbitrary" ruling against the Gaziantep congregation and its foreign pastor.

Local police officials sealed the premises of the New Life Church on Aug. 28. Just over two weeks later, on Sept. 14, they detained its pastor, Patrick Jensen, with order from Turkey’s Interior Ministry to deport him immediately.

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Response: Meanwhile most in America continue to think of Turkey as a NATO ally and one of the few moderate nations in the Middle East and far more ‘European’ than the rest. But this is increasingly not the case as Turkey under the leadership of President Erdogan and PM Ahmet Davuto?lu seems to be transitioning in a more Islamist direction towards their old historical position as the head of Muslim nations and the establishment of a new caliphate.

Meanwhile the modernity and the moderate more democratic secular government of the last 80 years is falling by the wayside while a more Islamist one rises up once more and begins to discriminate against Christians and other minority religions.

This is probably only the beginning. Turkey has a major role in a future attack upon Israel according to the prophetic Gog and Magog scenario of Ezekiel 38-39.           *Top

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