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-School Removes All Books Suspected of Being ‘Christian’

by Dr. D ~ September 30th, 2014

Cover of "The Hiding Place"

                  (Cover of The Hiding Place)

The administrators at a public charter school in Temecula, California have removed all books suspected of being ‘Christian’ from the school library including Corrie ten Boom’s holocaust account, The Hiding Place.

Here’s the report from Pacific Justice Institute:

Pacific Justice Institute is warning a charter school in Southern California that it is violating the First Amendment by removing library books based on their perceived Christian content.
A parent of students enrolled at Springs Charter Schools was recently shocked to see some of the books being targeted for removal, including the well-known account of Holocaust survivor Corrie ten Boom, The Hiding Place.  The parent contacted PJI after library personnel explained to her that they had been directed to remove Christian books, books by Christian authors, and books from Christian publishers. …

PJI President Brad Dacus commented, “It is alarming that a school library would attempt to purge books from religious authors.  Indeed, some of the greatest literature of Western Civilization comes from people of faith.  Are they going to ban the sermons or speeches of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?  What about the Declaration of Independence that invokes the laws of nature and nature’s God?  We are calling on Springs Charter Schools to immediately reverse their ill-conceived and illegal book-banning policy.” 

<Read the whole report>

Response: I am pretty sure that this may be happening all across the country. If not now then soon. The idea for this probably starts with discussions at national educational conferences attended by School librarians and administrators who then go home and censor the Christian books from their own libraries. The funny thing is that it is only Christian and Jewish literature that seems to be discriminated against while other religious material including Muslim literature seems to get a pass in the name of ‘multiculturalism.’

If you check the school libraries in your town you may find this has already happened at your public schools.  We really don’t know where this is coming from except we suspect that it may have originated from the progressive agenda of the current administration’s Department of Education.            *Top

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2 Responses to -School Removes All Books Suspected of Being ‘Christian’

  1. Brian

    Interestingly, most school librarians will be members of the American Library Association. The ALA sponsors an annual banned books week, and has a web page about its opposition to banning books:


    Similarly, the school library journal has a banned book web page, bemoaning efforts to remove books (for example, with sexually explicit content) from school libraries:


    And, finally, here is a web page listing all the sponsors of 2014’s Banned Books Week.


    Guess what? I cannot find that any of the aforementioned organizations had a single word to say about the banning of Christian authors — but they do object to “Fifty Shades of Grey” being banned……


  2. Dr. D

    Thanks Brian,
    The opposition to banned books may be limited to those that pass a politically correct criteria. Christian literature is in a different category entirely and no longer PC in any way. Multicultural and sexual oriented material especially anything presenting a positive view of the LGBT lifestyle is at the top of the protected PC list.

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