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-Oklahoma: Woman Beheaded by Recent Muslim Convert

by Dr. D ~ September 26th, 2014

UPDATE: Nolan linked to radical Imam also linked to the Boston bombers.

In a story that was originally reported by the American press as just another case of workplace violence comes the updated information that the fired employee was a recent convert to Islam who tried to convert his co-workers and then ended up beheading one woman before he was stopped while trying to kill another. Here’s the story from the UK Daily Mail:

Alton Alexander Nolen, who converted to Islam during a recent stint in prison, was fired from Vaughan Foods, a food processing plant in Moore, Oklahoma, on Thursday before returning to his SUV and smashing it into another vehicle.

The 30-year-old then climbed out and entered the building, attacking the first two people he saw with a knife he had used at the plant, Moore Police Sergeant Jeremy Lewis said.

After beheading Colleen Hufford, 54, and stabbing Traci Johnson, 43, Nolen was shot and wounded by off-duty sheriff’s deputy and company CEO Mark Vaughan.

Nolen survived and was hospitalized. Johnson is in stable condition in hospital.

The FBI is now investigating Nolen’s recent conversion to Islam to determine whether it was connected to the attack.

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Response: The FBI is trying to determine whether the attack had anything to do with Islam? Most regular folks would say ‘yes’ since Nolan reportedly tried to convert his fellow workers to Islam and then chose to Kill a woman by beheading her. Obviously Nolan is unbalanced but his recent conversion to Islam and the publicized examples of violence by ISIS probably contributed to the unfortunate choice of beheading in this case.

However the same FBI concluded a few years ago that the murder of 13 soldiers at Fort Hood by Major Nidal Hasan was nothing more than ‘workplace violence.’  Plus the Obama administration reportedly would not let Hasan testify to his radical Muslim motives even at his own trial according to his lawyer. So rest assured that the administration will find that this killing also has nothing to do with Islam just like the Islamic State supposedly has nothing to do with Islam according to President Obama.              *Top

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