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-California Baptist Church is Kicked Out of SBC for Accepting Homosexuality

by Dr. D ~ September 25th, 2014


The California Baptist congregation which earlier this year came out in support of homosexuality and same-sex marriage has been officially kicked out of the Southern Baptist Convention. Here’s the story from the World Mag:

The Southern Baptist Convention on Tuesday voted to remove a Los Angeles-area church from its membership after its pastor announced support for same-sex marriage and homosexual relationships.

The national organization’s action came 10 days after the California Southern Baptist Convention voted to remove New Heart Community Church from its fellowship

Posting on Twitter, Russell Moore, president of the convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), described the move as “sad but necessary.”

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Response: The SBC denomination is the largest protestant group in the USA. Member churches are independent but required to subscribe to the basic theology and beliefs of the larger denomination and are free to leave at any time. In this case the congregation did not necessarily want to leave but had voted to depart from some of the core Biblical beliefs of the Convention.

The pastor in this case received all sorts of positive attention from religious progressives including an invitation to the White House during LGBT pride month. But the SBC has ruled that he has erred both “personally and publicly.”

This is not the first SBC congregation to go over this issue nor will it be the last. Earlier this year I wrote that all evangelical ministers and churches would soon be forced to make an official choice concerning homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Some in the evangelical community are supporting a so-called ‘Third Way’ approach, like New Heart Community Church, which opens the church body up to dodge the issue by agreeing to disagree over the issue. The SBC has made it clear to their member churches that this is not an acceptable option. 

From my perspective what that really does is allow evangelical churches and ministries to agree to reject a part of the Bible. In the long run it will totally destroy American evangelicalism which was supposed to be all about the Bible and Biblical teaching.            *Top

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1 Response to -California Baptist Church is Kicked Out of SBC for Accepting Homosexuality

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