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-Student Prayer 9/24/2014: “See You At The Pole”

by Dr. D ~ September 24th, 2014

For 24 years the ‘See You At The Pole’ day has demonstrated to schools, parents, and the whole country that prayer is still allowed in public schools just not the official kind led by school officials or teachers. Hundreds of thousands of students participate each year by gathering around their school flag pole on campus the third Wednesday of September. The theme this year is taken from Ephesians 6:18a:


Atheist groups continue to try to shut this down but the law is really on our side. Students have the right to pray in public schools and even teachers can join in as long as they don’t lead.

This year saw a huge disinformation campaign launched all around the country by atheist groups trying to stop prayer in the locker rooms before football games. Warning letters were sent out to nearly every public school district in America. As a result some football coaches have even been fired by their schools for allowing or encouraging the student lead prayers. This will eventually be played out in the courts.  As it now stands students still have the right to pray in school and as I tell my grandchildren, there is absolutely no way anyone can ever stop anyone from giving silent prayers any place or any time.

Meanwhile, the ‘see you at the pole’ movement is demonstrating today that we still have freedom of religion in the public square and even in our schools.           *Top

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