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-Poll: Americans Divided Over Allowing Business Owners to Opt Out For Religious Reasons

by Dr. D ~ September 23rd, 2014


A recent survey taken by the Pew Research Center shows that Americans are closely divided over whether wedding related businesses should be forced to participate in same-sex ceremonies or be allowed to opt out for religious reasons. Also in the same poll a large majority indicated that the role and influence of religion in the American culture was clearly in decline. Here’s the story from the Blaze:

When asked whether businesses should be permitted to refuse matrimonial service based on “religious reasons,” 47 percent of respondents agreed that they should, while 49 percent said owners should be required to serve gay couples; four percent didn’t know which side to take.

The study, which measures numerous facets pertaining to faith in American life, also found that the vast majority of respondents (72 percent) believe that religion is losing its influence in American society.

But most aren’t happy with this change, with 56 percent of the nation calling it a negative development.

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Response: The survey is discouraging for those of us who see it as an issue of religious freedom. Clearly the trend is against us and if it continues religious liberty may also decline in America. Already we are seeing the First Amendment interpreted in ways that limit religious participation rather than the original intent which was to preserve it without government interference. 

In this generation there is a real trend among those coming out of Ivy league law schools to view freedom of religion as merely ‘freedom to worship’ within the four walls of an official place of worship. This is reflected in some of the more recent judicial decisions against Christian business owners. Particularly the one handed down by the New Mexico Supreme Court which basically ruled that religious convictions had to be left at home or church and had no place in the running of a business.

47% of those participating in the Pew survey would seem to agree which is far worse than I would have expected and indicates that our religious freedoms in America are clearly in jeopardy regardless of a Constitution that was originally written to secure them.            *Top

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