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-HS Football Coach Fired for Allowing Team to Pray?

by Dr. D ~ September 22nd, 2014

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According to the US Supreme Court students are still allowed to pray in public schools as long as it is not initiated or lead by a teacher, a school  official, minister, or any other adult. However a football coach in Arizona was recently fired for allowing student lead prayers before a game.  Here’s the story from the Blaze:

Gary Weiss, formerly a volunteer coach with the district, said that he was given an ultimatum by school officials: tell players to stop praying or lose his position. He refused and opted for the latter option, according to KVOA-TV.

“My concern is the rights of the kids to do what is their right to do,” Weiss told the outlet.

District administrators said, though, that voluntary prayer is permitted, but that staff members cannot facilitate or promote student invocations.

The central question is whether Weiss was guilty of organizing or supporting prayers among team members — something the coach denies, claiming that no adults led the invocations. Weiss also said that the prayers were inclusive.

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Response: I believe the coach when he says that school officials gave him an ultimatum to tell the students to stop praying. The results confirm the story and nothing makes any sense unless he was telling the truth.

Meanwhile, the school and district officials are trying to stop student prayer by intimidation and by restricting the possible opportunity even for it. If a coach makes time for a moment of silence and some student or students lead a team in prayer is the coach then really guilty of initiating, facilitating , or promoting prayer? According to this school district he is. So even making time for it and allowing it by their ruling is a violation regardless of what the SCOTUS might say?

In effect then the students are being restricted and their religious rights are being violated by the district. Hopefully one of the Christian legal groups will take up this cause and straighten it all out.            *Top

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