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-California: State Demands All Employers Provide Abortion Coverage Even Religious Organizations

by Dr. D ~ September 8th, 2014

English: California State Capitol.

      (Calif. State Capitol: Wikipedia)

Just when you thought Obama administration’s HHS Contraceptive Mandate was bad enough for religious freedom, The State of California has come out with even a worse demand that all employers even religious organizations provide for abortion coverage for all their employees.  Here’s the story from World Mag:

Health insurance companies in California may not refuse to cover the cost of abortions, state insurance officials have ruled. The decision is a reversal of policy stemming from the decision by two Catholic universities not to fund elective abortions through their employee health plans. 

Although the federal Affordable Care Act does not compel employers to provide workers with health insurance that includes abortion coverage, California’s Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) Director Michelle Rouillard said in a letter to seven insurance companies on Friday that the state Constitution and a 1975 state law prohibits them from selling group plans that exclude the procedure.

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Response: While the Obama administration announced last week that it is backing away from supporting its HHS Contraceptive Mandate which included coverage for abortifacients now the state of California is going down that same losing road challenging religious institutions over direct abortion coverage.

This state ruling may hold up before one-party blue state liberal judges but when it gets to the federal courts it should be over turned. The World Mag article points out that the ruling probably violates at least one federal law. Also in light of the recent losses of the HHS Mandate in the courts the even more radical state ruling would seem to be destined for the scrap heap. fortunately. Unfortunately tons of money will have to be raised and spent by religious organizations to get it over turned.             *Top

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