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-Cal State Universities: Intervarsity Christian Groups Kicked Off Campus

by Dr. D ~ September 6th, 2014

The path leading to the parking structure at C...

              (Campus at California State University, Fullerton: Wikipedia)

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has been kicked off campus in all 23 schools in the California State University system because the student ministry requires their leaders to be Christian believers.

While unbelievers are encouraged and sought out by the student Christian organization leadership positions are rightly reserved for those who actually believe in its mission and theology. Here’s the story from Christianity Today:

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has been, in modern campus terminology, “derecognized” by California State University schools. Basically, they will no longer be a recognized campus organization on any of the 23 schools in that system. …

It’s not just InterVarsity that will be impacted. Following the same logic, any group that insists on requiring its leaders to follow an agreed upon set of guiding beliefs is no longer kosher (irony intended) at California’s state universities. This will impact many other faith-based organizations with actual, well, faith-based beliefs.  …

Only in a modern American university would this make any sense.

Now, it’s not persecution. Christians are not banned. People can share their faith. But, now, what we once called “equal access” has taken another hit—people of faith do not have equal access to the university community, like the environmentalist club, the LGBT organization, or the chess club.

The university system has decided that speech with beliefs that undergird it—and shape how it is organized—has to be derecognized.

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Response: This is happening all across America. In the name of combating discrimination public college and university administrators are demanding that all student groups be open to leaders regardless of race, sex or sexual preference, and religion. Since leaders in Christian student groups naturally require leaders to be actual Christian believers, many public universities are using that as an excuse to kick Christian groups off campus.

Interestingly this only seems to be happening to Christian groups. The Muslims organizations seem to be ignored or get a pass. In reality, many of the university powers that be do not like the Christian influence and message  on their campuses and have found a way to silence and discriminate against Christian groups in the name of combating discrimination. If they were really trying to address actual discrimination then religious student groups would be granted an exception when it come to religion since that is their whole reason for existence in the first place.             *Top

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