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-Pastor is Banned From You Tube After Sermon on Radical Islam?

by Dr. D ~ September 3rd, 2014


A Christian pastor was banned from You Tube after posting a sermon on radical Islam and Christian persecution in the Middle East.

Pastor Daniel Ausbun of the First Baptist Church in Moreland, Ga.was informed that his account was suspended for violation of the ‘Terms of Service.’ After complaints his account was reinstated without any real explanation of why it was taken down in the first place. The You Tube ‘Terms’ include a provision against ‘hate speech’ so someone on the internet giant’s staff may have considered the sermon to be in violation of that rule.

Pastor Ausbun had been posting his sermons on You Tube without incident for over 3 years for those in his congregation who may had missed the Sunday services.

Response: Christians freely used the internet for posting their ideas, their teaching, and Bible studies. Lots of pastors across America have posted their sermons for years many using a You Tube account. I believe that we may begin to see the accounts of Christians being discriminated against by internet carriers using the excuse that Biblical teaching is now considered to be ‘hate speech.’ Particularly references that may reflect adversely upon homosexuality and same-sex marriage in addition to anything negative about Islam.

In fact, speaking the truth about radical Islam is already considered out of bounds by the main stream media since it leads to so-called ‘Islamophobia.’ This is not the first time a pastor got in trouble for sermons publically available on the internet and it will not be the last. Look for censorship against Christian to increase from here on out. Facebook is already infamous for this.            *Top

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