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-New York: Christian Owners Will No Longer Host Weddings After Losing Lawsuit Over Same-Sex Wedding

by Dr. D ~ August 29th, 2014

Same Sex Marriage

      (Same Sex Marriage: Wikipedia)

The Christian owners of a farm in New York which is rented out for public events will no longer host weddings. The couple came to that decision after a judge fined them $13,000 for declining to host a same-sex ceremony that was against their religious beliefs and convictions.

The judge reasoned that since they rent out their farm as a public venue for weddings then they could not decline to host same-sex ceremonies which are legal in the state even if it was to be conducted in their own personal residence.

The couple actually have some homosexuals on their staff and will continue to offer space for wedding receptions including same-sex events. However since the wedding ceremonies were largely conducted in their own personal home they are going to draw the line there and decline to do any at all in the future.

Here’s the story from The Blaze:

The move comes after Jennifer McCarthy and Melisa Erwin, a lesbian couple, approached Cynthia and Robert Giffords in 2012 and inquired about holding their nuptials at the Liberty Ridge Farm in Schaghticoke, New York.

The Giffordses, who are Christian and hold the belief that marriage is restricted to one man and one woman, said the couple was welcome to hold their reception on the property, but not the actual ceremony.

McCarthy and Erwin complained to New York’s Division of Human Rights, claiming they had been discriminated against as a result of their sexual orientation.

A judge subsequently ruled in their favor…Judge Migdalia Pares ruled that Liberty Ridge Farm is a public accommodation …the fact that the owners live on the premises does not mean that their business is private in nature.

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Response: So much for freedom of religion on one’s own property and home? Same-sex marriages and associated LGBT rights are now trumping religious rights in courtrooms all across America. The first amendment in this case is not even allowed to extend into the personal home of this Christian couple. A dubious decision with possible unforeseen consequences in the future. The Alliance Defending Freedom was defending the couple in this case and hopefully will take it to the next level. This should not be allowed to stand.           *Top

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