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-HS Players Pray for Injured Teammate- Atheists Attack

by Dr. D ~ August 28th, 2014

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Players on a High School football team took a knee and prayed for a teammate who was injured on the field. Something that has been going on in America for many generations. Except this time an activist atheist organization complained and attacked the school administrators for allowing it.

Here’s the story from The Christian Post:

The injured player was on the ground being tended to by trainers and coaches.

So the Seminole High School football team did what many football teams do. The teenage boys took a knee, bowed their heads and prayed for their injured teammate.

But that simple act of compassion and humanity in Sanford, Florida sparked outrage from the Freedom From Religion Foundation – a group of perpetually offended atheists from Wisconsin.

The school district said the prayer was instigated by students… "No adults in the photo, no adults participating, no adults leading it."

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Response: It was spontaneous and instigated by the players themselves. A lot of people believe that it is illegal to say prayers in public schools. That is entirely false- only official school sponsored and lead prayers are prohibited. Students actually have a right to pray if they want to in American public schools as long as the prayers are not lead or initiated by school teachers or administrators or any other adult official.

Notice that in this story even the atheist activists from the FFRF eventually backed down since no coach or chaplain led the players to pray. It was completely spontaneous and well within law from anyone’s perspective.            *Top

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