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-Love Your Neighbor- It’s Good for Your Heart?

by Dr. D ~ August 26th, 2014

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Love your neighbor”…following this Biblical commandment could actually be good for you in a number of different ways- mentally, spiritually, and physically. There is recent medical research which indicates that good relations with your neighbors might actually be better for the physical condition of your heart:

"Having good neighbours and feeling connected to others in the local community may help to curb an individual’s heart attack risk," said a statement that accompanied a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. …

For the latest research, the University of Michigan team used data from 5,276 people over 50 with no history of heart problems…

At the start of the project, the respondents were asked to award points out of seven to reflect the extent to which they felt part of their neighbourhood, could rely on their neighbours in a pinch, could trust their neighbours, and found their neighbours to be friendly.

When they crunched the numbers at the end of the study, the team found that for every point they had awarded out of seven, an individual had a reduced heart attack risk over the four-year study period.

… study co-author Eric Kim told AFP, and described the difference as "significant".

<Read the who0le article>

Response: Most Christians have discovered that following the teachings of Jesus leads to a happier and more productive life. That evidence is largely anecdotal but this research isn’t.

The researchers don’t claim to understand how this works but having a better relationship with ones neighbor seems to be a predictor of better health. Maybe God knows something about what is best for his creation after all- Love your neighbor and and have a happier and healthier heart.            *Top

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