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-Believers Live Longer, Happier, and Healthier Lives?

by Dr. D ~ August 19th, 2014

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(British Journal of General Practice: Wikipedia)

“Religious faith remains by far the best predictor of a long, healthy life”

There are medical studies from the UK that seem to indicate that believers in God who attend worship services may live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

Here’s the story from the UK Telegraph:

…as Richard Scott, a family doctor, notes in this month’s British Journal of General Practice, religious faith remains by far the best predictor of a long and healthy life.

…The positive influence of church attendance is well recognised, but the findings of this overview are, he observes, “quite extraordinary”, with faith reducing the risk of a heart attack by two-thirds and being associated with improved survival of a stroke or cancer.

For mental health, the statistics are even more dramatic: those with depression recover faster, and those with schizophrenia function better, while alcohol and drug misuse is reduced.

“Faith in God,” he says, “is relevant to all diseases yet studied.” That belief could be, as so many nowadays maintain, illusory, but the beneficial effect in conferring “greater happiness, morale, optimism and meaning in life” is indisputably for real.

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Response: The researchers do not seem to know the reasons for this effect accept the lifestyles of the believers may be somewhat different and more hope filled than the general population. Faith seems to add an ingredient to life that brings hope and a positive attitude towards the future.

Anecdotally I have known many folks who have found God later in their lives. Nearly all have expressed how their new found faith changed them for the better resulting in far happier and healthier lives than before.             *Top

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