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-UPDATE: Judge Puts Houston Transgender Bathroom Ordinance On Hold

by Dr. D ~ August 14th, 2014

(Seal of City of Houston: Wikipedia)

Last week Houston Mayor Annise Parker lawlessly refused to put the ‘transgender bathroom ordinance up for a vote of the people in spite of a petition which met the legal threshold that should have forced it. Now a judge has put the ordinance on hold until all of the facts can be presented in court. Here’s the story from CitizenLink:

A Texas judge temporarily halted an ordinance that would force Houston business owners to allow men to use the women’s restroom — and vice versa. It will be on hold until Aug. 15, pending a hearing on the matter.

City-council members passed the ordinance in May. Last month, a coalition of pastors and other concerned people submitted more than 50,000 petition signatures from Houstonians who want the ordinance to be repealed or placed on the ballot. Last week, the mayor and the city attorney threw out more than 30,000 of those.

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Response: The mayor lamely decided to throw out the petition even though the City Secretary had already confirmed the validity of at least 17,846 signatures which was more than enough to force an election. A lawless act by the mayor which is reflective of what seems to be going on in Washington DC lately. Eventually Mayor Parker will not be able to alter the fact that over 50,000 city voters want to have a say on this issue.

The ordinance would also force Houston businesses to participate in the celebration of same-sex ceremonies regardless of religious beliefs on the matter.            *Top

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