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-Navy Removes Bibles From Lodges

by Dr. D ~ August 12th, 2014

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The US Navy maintains guest rooms and lodges all around the world on or near bases. For just about forever the Gideons International have been able to place free Bibles in the rooms for the guests but no more.

The Navy administration has had all of them removed following a complaint from an activist atheist group (FFRF). Here’s the story from Todd Stearns of Fox News:

There is growing outrage among sailors and religious liberty advocates over a directive that calls for the removal of Bibles from lodges and hotels run on U.S. Navy bases. The directive comes after an atheist group filed a formal complaint earlier this year over the placement of Bibles in the rooms.

"The current direction is to remove all religious material from Navy Lodge guest rooms," read an email to a Navy chaplain from The Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM). "For those Navy Lodges with religious materials currently in guest rooms, the Navy Lodge General Manager will contact the Installation Chaplain’s office who will provide guidance on the removal procedure disposition of these materials."

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Response: Another situation where religious liberty in the military under the Obama administration is being curtailed. In this case no one wanted to address where the Bibles would end up except that the chaplain service was called in to take charge of them.

Making free material available for those in the military to freely use is not establishing or forcing a state religion. If this is really against the Constitution than so are the chaplains themselves who were called in the dispose of the Bibles. I suppose the chaplains are next even though many were serving in the Revolutionary War and later at the very writing of the Constitution itself. The First Amendment under this administration has been increasingly interpreted to restrict public religion which seems to me to be the exact opposite of what the founders of our republic originally intended.

Also the directive indicated that all religious material was to be removed which would include Qurans if so placed. One wonders what the reaction might be if that is the case in some places and a word got out that Muslim holy books were mishandled in anyway?            *Top

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