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-Boston: Pro-Palestinian Mob Shouts: “Jews Back to Birkenau”

by Dr. D ~ July 22nd, 2014

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             (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All across America, mostly on college campuses, and in Europe also there are a number of demonstrations supporting Hamas and the Palestinians along with counter displays of support for Israel. Unfortunately anti-Semitism has once more raised its ugly head in the midst of the conflict. In Boston the police had to protect the Israel supporters from a mob which nearly got out of control with shouts of:

 “Jews back to Birkenau”

“Drop dead, you Zionazi whores”

“Allah is great”

Response: Free speech in this country gives everyone the right to support whatever cause may be on ones heart and mind. However mob violence should never be tolerated and fortunately the Boston police were able to keep the crowds substantially under control.

In this case the Palestinian supporters went over the line and really didn’t help their cause at all with their anti-Jewish slogans. No matter what, references to the Holocaust are beyond the pale especially when it is seemingly being condoned and  supported. Since many of the pro-Palestinian demonstrators were probably Muslim, as evidenced by “Allah is Great” slogan, it really did not reflect well upon their religion.            *Top

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