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-ISIS Demands Christians Leave Mosul or Be Executed

by Dr. D ~ July 21st, 2014


The leader of the new Islamic State in Iraq and Syria demanded last week that all Christians in the lands that he ruled over either convert, pay a special tax, leave, or die . Those who did flee were expected to leave behind all of their possessions and funds.

However, it became even worse for the remaining Christians including clergy in Mosul when Christian leaders supposedly did not show up for a meeting they were demanded to attend. The Islamic State (ISIS) authorities in that city ordered all Christians to leave by Friday or face death. Then reportedly all of the possessions of the remaining Christians were confiscated including the vehicles they were trying to escape in.

Here’s the story from the World Monitor:

The Islamist militants controlling the Iraqi city of Mosul have ordered all remaining Christians to leave town immediately or face execution, according to news sources. …

…vehicles passed through Mosul with loudspeakers, announcing that all Christians had until noon Friday to leave the city "or else face execution," Middle East Concern reported.

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Response: A few short years ago the Christian conclave in Mosul numbered over 100,000 when the American army and allies put down Saddam Hussein but refused to protect the Christians and other minorities from radical Islamists. Most of the remaining 10,000+ or so Christians left the city when ISIS took over but reportedly some 5,000 or so including clergy remained and now their future is in doubt.

Since there are Christian clergy including priests and nuns who refuse to leave their churches and convents, a blood bath is expected to follow. Already dozens of churches have been destroyed in the city with no record of what happened to the ministers. This is sharia in action. The world community can do nothing but lodge complaints that go ignored and pray for the people caught up in the midst of it all.             *Top

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2 Responses to -ISIS Demands Christians Leave Mosul or Be Executed

  1. riq

    Killing Christians, or anyone for that matter, is morally reprehensible. But all things being equal, there should be a considerable backlash in store for Christianity, which for almost two thousand years has literally gotten away with murder on an industrialized scale. However, the one reproach that even that even the sleepiest Sunday-morning pew-jockey could in no-wise fail to appreciate at its true value, is to exalt the name of Christendom’s designated enemy, Judas Iscariot. That’s what he’s there for.

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