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-Houston: A Referendum Against the Transgender/Anti-Religious Freedom Ordinance

by Dr. D ~ July 8th, 2014

Official seal of City of Houston

                  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

UPDATE: There is a new development in Houston,Texas where the city council passed an  ordinance that would force businesses to allow transgender folks to use what ever bathroom or changing room they wished to.

Pastors and business leaders have now delivered petitions to the city with over 50,000 signatures that will force the mayor and the council to either repeal the the law or put it on a ballot for the voters to decide.

Also hidden in the law was a provision that would force businesses in the city to be involved in services to same–sex ceremonies regardless of religious conscience. This is a case that we will keep on following since other cities and jurisdictions are considering similar provisions all across the country. The transgender bathroom choice issue seems to be the new ‘rights’ push for gay activists and the LGBT agenda.              *Top

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