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-Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Mt. Soledad Memorial Cross Case for Now

by Dr. D ~ July 2nd, 2014

Monument on Mt. Soledad,San Diego,CA

              (Monument on Mt. Soledad:  **Mary**)

The Supreme Court of the US refused to hear the Mt. Soledad Memorial Cross case for now. The controversy over the memorial cross on a hill in the LA Jolla area of San Diego, California started way back in 1989 and has been in and out of court ever since.

At one time the US Congress voted to purchase the memorial cross for the Federal Government and the people of San Diego voted to support a sale of the land but Lawsuits and judges have kept the case from being resolved with the cross still intact.

For now the Supreme Court has sent the case back to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for a ruling. Here’s the story from Citizen Link:

Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito issued a statement about the case. He said that because the cross is in no danger of being removed — while the case moves forward — the justices would wait until the lower court ruled before they decide whether to hear it.

The cross, erected in 1954, has been the subject of litigation for the past 26 years. The 29-foot-tall cross contains the names of more than 3,500 veterans who served our country with honor. The monument is cared for by the Mt. Soledad Memorial Association, which is comprised of veterans.

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Response: This is a case which is close to my heart since I do occasionally see Mt. Soledad during my weekly business trips to San Diego. It is a case that started with one rather infamous and litigious atheist Lawyer in San Diego who objected to the large cross which is the center piece of the war memorial. Lately the ACLU has been leading the opposition to the Cross.

I see some hope that the case might finally be resolved after all of these years and court cases and lawsuits with the cross intact. In 2010 the US Supreme Court ruled on a similar case that allowed the Mohave Memorial Cross to be transferred into private hands rather than be destroyed. Maybe the same accommodation might also be eventually made for the Mt. Soledad Cross. Though on at least two occasions in the past the transfer of the land into private hands was blocked but with the support of SCOTUS it could finally be accomplished.  One can hope.

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