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-Canada: Transgender Restroom Choice Coming to Vancouver Schools?

by Dr. D ~ June 11th, 2014


                            (Vancouver- Photo credit: neil1877)

The big new push for transgender issues including ‘restroom choice’ is not only an issue spreading across the USA but apparently Canada also. A school board in Vancouver, British Columbia is considering a policy change that would bring gender choice to their schools over the objections of the parents. Here’s the story from Lifesite News:

…the policy revisions, which are now expected to be put to a vote on June 11, would usurp parental authority and potentially harm children.

The new policy grants students confidentiality in how they identify their gender at school, bars staff from referring students for counseling that would “change [their] sexual orientation or gender identity,” and allows students to choose which bathroom they use.

<Read the whole article>

Response: I wonder how many school districts all across Canada and the USA have already made similar policy changes without ever notifying the parents?  A cloak of secrecy seems to be the favorite tactic for making these changes. Any opposition seems to be left in a position of playing catch up and then ends up being ignored by the bureaucrats anyway.

All of the schools in California have been forced to deal with this policy because of a state law passed by a ‘progressive’ one-party dominated state legislature. Thousands objected to no avail. Thousands also demonstrated against the Houston city ordinance but were also ignored. The democratic rights of the people mean nothing in this activist campaign to regularize and force a societal acceptance of ‘restroom choice’ which allows members of the opposite sex to use what ever restroom or locker room they may choose on any given day without question or hindrance. In the process, the privacy rights of the vast majority are being compromised with little or no regard.           *Top

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