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-Transgender Issues Coming Front and Center

by Dr. D ~ June 10th, 2014

Rainbow flag. Symbol of gay pride.

             (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that the ‘transgender restroom choice’ issue was the next big thing on the horizon and to look for LGBT activists to raise the issue all across America.  Since then Houston,Texas became the first major city in the USA to mandate restroom choice. Then I ran across an HHS Obama administration announcement that the government and all of us taxpayers would be footing the bill for those who wanted sex-change operations in the future.

As states begin to include transgender folks in their ‘anti-discrimination’ laws, all sorts of  strange rulings have begun to surface all over the country. Here are just a few referenced in an article from the Citizen Link:

<Read the whole article>

Response: This is just the beginning and if a similar case happened near by you would probably dismiss it as some kind of isolated case. But this is beginning to happen all across America and will be coming to a jurisdiction near you at some point. It is driven by a concerted effort by LGBT activists and your state will not be left out. Consider the fact that conservative Texas already has a major city where this has become a major issue. 

This re-ordering of public decency is also affecting religious conscience and freedom which at every turn are being assaulted and weakened by these new LGBT rulings. Note above the case of the Catholic hospital that was sued for declining to provide transgender surgery. This will not be the last Christian institution to be affected. Mark my words.            *Top

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