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-Boko Haram Annihilates 3 Christian Villages

by Dr. D ~ June 9th, 2014

Boko Haram

                          (Boko Haram- Photo credit: AK Rockefeller)

The reign of terror continues in Nigeria with the Boko Haram attacking Christians in particular.  This time they have annihilated 3 entire Christian villages killing at least 200 men, women, and children.

Here’s the story from World Watch Monitor:

It is feared Boko Haram militants have killed at least 200 more people in a wave of attacks launched across Borno state in Northern Nigeria this week.

Three Christian villages – Attagara, Agapalwa and Aganjara – were reduced to ashes. Attackers killed, looted and stole cattle before burning homes and churches, say local media. All the villages are located a few kilometers from the Cameroon border, near the vast Sambisa forest, which hosts several militants’ camps, and where some of the missing Chibok girls were believed to be.

Boko Haram’s tactics of gathering villagers together before killing them were seen between Sunday and Wednesday. From Sunday, at least 200 people were killed; in at least one village gunmen in military uniforms forced people to gather (by appearing to offer protection) before spraying them with bullets. On Wednesday, a group of about 45 people were killed after gathering together to listen to a sermon from militants who pretended to be preachers.

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Response: The American media has moved on to more ‘important’ stories and updates on the over 200 Christian school girls that were taken as hostages and slaves have stopped but that doesn’t mean the Boko Haram have stopped their reign of terror against Christians in Nigeria. There were several bombings that took the lives of dozens in the last couple of weeks and now the complete destruction of three Christian villages.

What is so insidious about the most recent attacks is that they are in the same area where the girls are rumored to be held and the goods from these most recent attacks are probably not only feeding the Boko Haram army but also their Christian hostages.

Note the tactics mentioned above. It is well known that many of the Boko Haram are former members of the Nigerian army.  The Boko Haram will threaten a village and then send in some of their folks dressed in their former Nigerian army uniforms pretending to be ‘protectors’ and then they attack instead.

Many of the Christian villages have stopped asking the Nigerian authorities for help since it has become nearly impossible to tell who is on what side. There have been a number of occasions where it has been reported that the official Nigerian army has stood by and allowed the attacks or have even joined in.

Most of the members of the Nigerian army in the northern part of the country are Muslims and sympathetic to the Islamist radicals which is why the Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan hasn’t ordered the army to get the 200 girls back even though they probably know by now where they are keeping them.

His hands are substantially tied. If he ordered the troops in the south which are more loyal to him and mostly Christian to go north and rescue the girls it would probably end in a civil war between the Muslim northern states and the Christian south. He is actually in a no-win situation which is why no action has been taken at all and the girls remain hostages and slaves to the Boko Haram. Apparently the international ‘#hashtag’ campaign of Michelle and President Barack Obama has also failed?            *Top

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