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-Transgender Restroom Choice the Next Big ‘Rights’ Issue?

by Dr. D ~ May 28th, 2014

Rainbow flag. Symbol of gay pride.

             (Rainbow flag; Wikipedia)

With the general acceptance of same-sex marriage on the rise in America the next big push on the agenda for LGBT activists seems to be the passing of laws and policies to officially allow for transgender choice in restroom use.

All ready the leftist dominated California state legislature has passed a law allowing transgender students to choose what restrooms and locker rooms they are most comfortable with on any given day at public schools.  Then last week we wrote about a high school in Louisville, Kentucky which introduced a similar policy for their students. Now this week we read that city of Houston, Texas is considering an ordinance that would force businesses to make room for transgender restroom choice. Here’s the story from Citizen Link:

The Houston City Council is expected to decide Wednesday on a proposed ordinance that, many say, would pose a serious threat to women and children. If passed, it would force businesses to let men use women’s facilities — and vice versa.

The council was scheduled to vote on the issue earlier this month. According to Texas Values Action (TVA), city officials were forced to delay a vote after massive opposition. People from diverse groups said they were concerned about the impact on public safety and the local economy.

Though claiming to “prohibit discrimination,” family leaders say the proposed ordinance would severely violate privacy rights.

“It’s not ‘discrimination’ to have separate men and women restrooms,” said Focus on the Family Gender Issues Analyst Jeff Johnston. “We do this for privacy, modesty and safety. A woman should not be exposed to a biological male in the women’s restroom — just as men should not be exposed to women in the men’s restroom. We have separate facilities to protect people.”

<Read the whole article>

Response: Obviously this is the next big push for LGBT rights. Look for leftists to support and institute similar rules at schools, colleges, and in towns and cities all across America.

The Houston ordinance is particularly abusive since it would force businesses to comply and adjust. Also that particular rule would force business owners to be involved in same-sex ceremonies regardless of religious conscience.

The real problem with these policies is the conflicting rights involved. LGBT rights in this case would trump and override the privacy rights of everyone else. It also does not take into account the environment of mischief that these policies potentially create for teenagers and the more dangerous potential use by sexual predators.              *Top

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6 Responses to -Transgender Restroom Choice the Next Big ‘Rights’ Issue?

  1. Brian

    It is even worse, Dr. D. The proposed Houston ordinance includes the following:

    “It shall be unlawful for any place of public accommodation or any employee
    or agent thereof to intentionally deny any person entry to any restroom, shower room, or similar facility” (section 17-51) based upon that person’s expressed gender identity. Put another way, I could walk into the women’s dressing room at the Y just be proclaiming that “I am feeling feminine today”.

    It exempts public schools. See Section17-54. There is a mealy-mouthed exemption for religious related entities (which might extend to church-related private schools). But for secular private schools, it only exempts “private kindergarten, day care center or nursery school” when it is operated solely for the benefit of a private club, etc. See Section 17-54 again. There is no language that would, otherwise, exempt a private elementary or high school.

  2. Dr. D

    Thanks Brian for the additional info on the Houston ordinance. Incredible!

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