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-More On Christian Pregnant Woman Facing Death in Sudan

by Dr. D ~ May 22nd, 2014

Here’s an update on the story about the pregnant Christian woman in Sudan facing a death sentence for her faith. There is a resolution before the U.S. Congress asking Secretary of State John Kerry to intervene in the case. Also in another article there are a number of details about this case that were not revealed in most of the articles about the woman and her family history.

First of all, her husband Daniel Wani claims to be a U.S. citizen which would make their 20 month son who is in prison with his mother a US citizen also. Meanwhile the US state Department refuses to confirm or deny that possibility.

Secondly, The Sudan officials refuse to release the boy into the custody of the father because he is a Christian.

Thirdly, the pregnant woman -Meriam Ibrahim claims that she never was a Muslim but was raised a Christian by her Christian mother though she did have a Muslim father who left the family when she was 6 years old.

Now here’s the rub, according to Muslim sharia law which is recognized in the Sudan, Meriam is a Muslim regardless since her father was Muslim. Therefore since she claims to be Christian she is guilty of ‘apostasy’ which has a death sentence unless she recants her faith and becomes a Muslim. Last week she officially refused to deny her Christian faith.

Also since in the eyes of Islamic law she is a Muslim then her marriage to her Christian husband is not legally recognized therefore she is also guilty of  “adultery” for having relations with her own husband.

Most of the Western news stories about this case did not explain how the woman was guilty of ‘adultery’ nor did they explain that she had never really been a practicing Muslim but only the child of a Muslim father. The case is even worse than originally presented in the press. She is only ‘technically’ guilty of apostasy and adultery according to sharia law. It is a trumped up case at best and barbaric in reality.

This is a case that should not be ignored by the State Department but everything possible needs to be done to reunite this family. Also the facts about the possible citizenship of Daniel Wani and his son need to be answered.  Meanwhile Christians in the West and in America need to be remembering this family in prayer and continue to put pressure on government authorities to encourage a just and reasonable resolution.            *Top

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