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-Boko Haram Leader Confirms Their ‘War’ Against Christians

by Dr. D ~ May 19th, 2014

Christian Stone Cross

                                           (Photo credit: freefotouk)

The Boko Haram has finally been on the MSM radar lately but the Western press and particularly the America media seems to go out of their way to minimalize their religious motivations in attacking and warring specifically against Christians.

For example, recently the radical group attacked a village and killed around 300 men, women, and children but you had to go on Christian mission sites to learn that it was a Christian village. The MSM only reports on the actions of the BH from the perspective that they are waging a ‘political’ civil war.

Meanwhile the BH leader continues to confirm that their war is against all religions and philosophies that compete against Islam and more specifically their radical version of it. But more to the point, their actions are substantially against Christianity and Christians since that is the largest group standing in their way and one which is actually expanding exponentially in Africa.

The Boko Haram leader made a statement just last week where he confirmed that his group’s major target are Christians and Christianity. Here’s the story from the Christian Post:

Abubakar Shekau, leader of the Islamic militant group Boko Haram, has made it clear that the recent abduction of nearly 300 mostly Christian schoolgirls in Nigeria is not merely about denying education to women but a war against the damaging effects of Christians and Christianity in Nigeria.

The following are quotes from Shekau’s most recent video statement:

"To the people of the world, everybody should know his status, it is either you are with us Mujahedeen or you are with the Christians. The likes of Obama, Lincoln, Clinton, Jonathan, Aminu Kano. They are your fathers of democracy, the likes of Tafawa Balewa. It is Usman Dan Fodiyo that is our own." 

"We know what is happening in this world, it is a Jihad war against Christians and Christianity. It is a war against western education, democracy and constitution," he said.

…This is what I know in Quran. This is a war against Christians and democracy and their constitution, Allah says we should finish them when we get them."

<Read the whole article>

Response: My complaint is that the MSM in America does not clearly represent in their newscasts and printed articles the true religious motivations of the Boko Haram and merely covers their actions as part of a Nigerian ‘civil war.’ Fact is that the BH goes beyond national borders and from their perspective is waging a war against Christianity, Western philosophy and education, and even against Muslim clerics and leaders who will sit down and negotiate and compromise with the ‘enemy’ which is anyone who are not radical Islamists.

It is really naïve and the height of stupidity to think that this group can be affected in any way by a #twitter campaign and international opinion or negotiated with on any level. From their perspective everything the West has done in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East was all about Christianity and religion. You may call them ignorant but their religious motivations and perspective should not be ignored. By their own statements they are waging a religious war against Christianity. The American press does them and us a disservice by misrepresenting and ignoring the elephant in the room that is radical Islam.            *Top

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