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-100 Black Detroit Pastors to Denounce Comparison of Gay Rights to Civil Rights

by Dr. D ~ May 15th, 2014

Crowds surrounding the Reflecting Pool, during...

   (March on Washington: Wikipedia)

One hundred black pastors are organizing together in order to publically denounce the idea that Gay rights and civil are comparable.

The pastors were particularly incensed by a U S District Court judge’s ruling over turning the vote of  2.7 million who approved an amendment to the Michigan Constitution that defines marriage as between one man and one woman. In the process the judge declared the vote as not “rational” and an unconstitutional violation of the civil rights of homosexuals.

The following are quotes from two of the pastors:

“To state that marriage redefinition is in any way similar to the civil rights movement is intellectually empty, dishonest and manufactured”, said Minister Stacy Swimp, founder of Revive Alive Missional Ministry. “When has anyone from the LGBT demographic ever been publicly lynched, specifically excluded from moving into neighborhoods, prohibited from sitting on “a jury and denied the right to sue others because of their sexual preferences?”

Pastor James Crowder, of St. Galilee Baptist Church and president of the Westside Minister’s Alliance, Detroit, Michigan, also weighed on the narrative of sexual orientation being a civil right.

“Judge Friedman is sanctioning the staging of a false story,” said Crowder. “On stage are many actors who pretend that redefining traditional marriage is as valid as Blacks fighting against the carnage of chattel slavery and the humiliation of Jim Crow. Never have I been so insulted. The curtain must be pulled down on this play of disinformation.”

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Response: Black pastors and black believers are the best possible folks to effectively object to the current popular notion that Gay rights and civil rights are comparable.

The idea that those who oppose same sex marriage are now bigots on the same level as racists is not rational. Especially for Christians who live by the teachings of Jesus and continue to reach out to everyone in love regardless. Nature has not been reversed all of a sudden in the 21st century, the natural process of two parents of the opposite sex having and raising children is still the norm and the best option as compared with all other alternative parental relationships as good as they might be. That traditional marriage is now somehow unconstitutional in this republic after several hundred years is the real notion that should be considered as not ‘rational.’

Our greatest hope for reversing the conversation and the language when it comes to same sex marriage lies with the black community and particularly the Black Christian leaders.             *Top

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