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-Sudan: Pregnant Christian Woman Facing Death For Conversion

by Dr. D ~ May 14th, 2014

English: CIA Factbook Map of Sudan

           (Map of Sudan: Wikipedia)

A Pregnant Christian woman is facing imminent death for marrying a Christian and converting to Christianity. Meanwhile her and their 20-month-old son are in prison. Here’s the story from BosNewsLife:

A Christian mother in late term pregnancy faced imminent death in Sudan on Tuesday, May 13, after a court convicted her of "adultery" and "apostasy", punishable by 100 lashes and execution respectively, BosNewsLife learned.

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, 27, was told by the El Haj Yousif Public Order Court in the capital Khartoum that she has until May 15 to convert to Islam, implying that her sentence could be annulled or reduced if she did so, trial observers said.

Ibrahim was sentenced Sunday, May 11, on Mother’s Day, after unsuccessfully appealing against the March 4 death sentence ruling by the same court.
The young woman was detained on February 17 this year when Sudanese authorities were made aware of her marriage to a Christian man, Christians said.

She is currently detained in Omdurman Federal Women’s Prison along with her 20-month-old son, Daniel Wani. Ibrahim was charged with adultery under article 146 and ‘apostasy’, or leaving Islam, under article 126 of the Penal Code, according to rights investigators.

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Response: Please pray for this woman and her family. Pray that international pressure will prevail in this case and that her and her husband will be re-united. Note the inhumanity of this situation. If she is killed her unborn child will also die with her and her 20 month old baby will be without a mother.

Also note from the article that the Muslim leaders and Sudanese officials are trying to come up with a strategy for stopping Muslims from converting to Christianity. Their solution is death- killing all who convert including pregnant mothers and innocent unborn children.

I am posting this story to remind Christians in the West and particularly in the US that millions of their brothers and sisters are facing very real persecution and even injury and death for the faith. From now on I will try to post at least one of these stories a week.            *Top

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