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-Is Being Black and Being Gay the Same Thing?

by Dr. D ~ May 13th, 2014


(Rev. Maina Mwaura: Whitesburg Baptist Church)


Everywhere you turn in the main stream media these days gay rights is portrayed as being comparable to racial civil rights and those who oppose same sex marriage are increasingly being called bigots. It doesn’t seem to matter that many of us are not really against anyone at all but merely supporting thousands of years of Biblical teaching.

Here’s an important article by Rev. Maina Mwaura, a pastor at Whitesburg Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama, dismissing the claim that they are the same thing or even comparable:

Being Black and Being Gay is Not the Same Thing

The following is a poignant quote from the Christian Post article:

News flash for the media and America: race and ethnicity are not the same as sexual behavior and sexual orientation. …

There are millions of religious Americans, like me, who love gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, and love women who’ve had abortions, but believe that heterosexual relationships are biologically, physiologically, and spiritually unique and therefore should be reserved for the union identification of marriage and that life begins at conception.

Our views should be respected.

Societal structures exist throughout our culture and I believe heterosexual unions should be one of those structures that are preserved for marriage between a man and woman.

Homosexual relationships should be defined in another way. This belief is not bigotry. This is not hate. This is a deeply held belief that many hold because of faith, and should be tolerated and respected. After all… true tolerance is accepting people’s beliefs and convictions, even if they don’t line up with yours.

The argument that race and sexual orientation are the same is like comparing apples and oranges. Just because civil rights for gays and ethnic cultures have been debated in public policy doesn’t make them the same.

<Read the whole article>

Response: Please read the whole article. It starts out with the HGTV Benham Brothers case that we posted on yesterday. It is time for Christians to answer the charge of bigotry before it is too late and before it cemented into the American cultural mind as a supposed fact regardless of the truth.

It seems like every belief and view in America is tolerated and respected by the media except those of conservative Christians. We cannot allow the Christian faith of over a hundred million people in America to continue to be marginalized and mischaracterized by a few secularists in the media who do not really understand who we really are or what we really believe. Our future is at stake.         *Top

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2 Responses to -Is Being Black and Being Gay the Same Thing?

  1. Brian

    I can, off the top of my head, think of several passages of scripture that indicate that homosexuality is a sin. However, I cannot think of a single verse that says that being black is a sin. . . .

  2. Jerry Attrick

    While everything being said here is true, its a losing fight. People will happily and faithfully listen to everything the media says. All everyone wants is to feel safe whether they are safe or not. This is known, but nobody (including me) has the guts to do anything about it. I mean, who wants to tangle with these big, powerful corporate monsters? And where would u even start without money? And even if you did have money the Almighty powers in charge and their puppets (including me. We gotta be their puppets.) will just burn you down and shame you. Their reign will go on forever. And there is nothing you can do besides pray and hope you don’t get reincarnated.

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