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-UPDATE: Boko Haram Kidnaps More Girls

by Dr. D ~ May 8th, 2014

Location of Borno State in Nigeria

(Borno State in Nigeria: Wikipedia)

Yesterday we wrote about the month long case in Nigeria concerning the kidnapping of over 230 school girls. Today we have a report that the radical Muslim group has now abducted even more girls from a largely Christian villages. Here’s the story from World Watch Monitor:

The number of Nigerian girls abducted by Boko Haram continues to increase, as does global outrage.

Between eight and 11 more teen-aged girls were kidnapped May 4 by the Islamist group, which on April 14 abducted more than 230 schoolgirls, most of them reported to be Christian, from the northeastern town of Chibok.

According to local sources, a group of heavily armed men stormed the village of Warabe, near Gwoza town in Borno state, on the night of Sunday, May 4. They opened fire in the village before taking away eight girls between ages 12 and 15. News reports said the attackers then invaded a village five kilometres away, and abducted three more girls.

<Read the whole article>

Response: Finally the Boko Haram groups is on the main stream media radar. They have been killing and raping and pillaging Christian villages for over 5 years now but the international press and particularly the American media have been ignoring the stories.

It is time for this radical group to be eliminated. One major problem that the Nigerian president faces in opposing the Boko Haram is that his military is at least half Muslim and they refuse to go after their radical Muslim ‘brothers.’ Actually in some cases in the past, the Nigerian military, which is substantially Muslim in the north, has ended up joining the Boko haram in attacking Christian Villages and churches.

This is probably why he has not ordered the Nigerian army to rescue the 200+ girls. It would be a waste of time and could actually reveal just how divided the country is along religious lines. It fact the army in the northern section of the country which sympathizes with the radical Islamist group probably already refused to get involved.

To better understand how radical this group really is, here is another quote from the video we featured yesterday:

"I said that Western education must stop. Girls must leave school and get married,” the man said. “I would give a 12-year-old girl in marriage; I would give in marriage even a 9-year-old girl.”

This reflects another problem that I have with the Muslim culture. Since Muhammad actually married a girl as young as 9 years of age (Though he did not consummate the marriage for several years) it is considered acceptable in some Muslim countries for very young girls to be married off even before their teenage years.

Strangely, Western liberals who are so concerned about combatting Islamophobia seem to be unconcerned about the truth when it comes to the treatment of women in Muslim dominated countries not to even mention homosexual folk.             *Top

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