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-So Now You Are Weird and Subject to Ridicule If You Believe in Creationism?

by Dr. D ~ April 16th, 2014

Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin during a ga...

             (Blake Griffin: Wikipedia)

Is this where the dominant culture is going in America. The vast majority believe in God but now you are considered weird and subject to ridicule if you believe the Biblical teaching that God created everything as opposed to accidental evolution?

A firestorm of media ridicule followed in the wake of a recent Rolling Stone interview where Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin admitted that he believes in creationism and a young earth. Here’s the story from the Blaze:

The revelation came after contributing editor Rob Tannenbaum asked the NBA star, 25, whether he’s “Team Creationism or Team Evolution,” considering the fact that he was home schooled through the 7th grade.

“I was raised in a Christian household and went to a Christian high school, so I believe in creationisim, for sure,” Griffin responded.

Tannenbaum followed up by asking if the NBA star also believes that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, to which Griffin replied, “I don’t want to do the math, but somewhere around there.”

Deadspin’s Tom Ley responded to the possibility that Griffin is a creationist, writing, “Now, Griffin is known to be a very witty guy who possesses a dry sense of humor, so it’s entirely possible that he was just joking. We really, really hope he was joking.”

Response: Actually there is probably quite a wide divide between how the majority of Americans view this issue as opposed to the secular major media. There is even a considerable difference of opinion among conservative Bible believing Christians over age of the earth. I have considerable problems myself with using Biblical chronologies in dating the earth. On the other hand, the carbon dating methods used by evolutionists have also been demonstrated to be vastly inaccurate on a number of occasions. 

Nevertheless, the media reflects a driving bias for evolution among the educated elite. So much of the media are holed up in blue state coastal conclaves that middle America is seldom reflected in their views.

The affect of all this type of hype is to drive those of us who do believe in creation to be silent about it all and allow accidental evolution to march forward and claim the victory in winning the hearts of the majority of Americans. The opposite is true of course. Believers need to continue to openly assert their Biblical beliefs and not allow them to be marginalized and identified as strange. More Americans still believe in the Biblical account of creation than the accidental view. Stand up and be counted.             *Top

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