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-Egypt: Islamists Kill Young Woman with Cross

by Dr. D ~ April 10th, 2014

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           ( Muslim Brotherhood: Wikipedia)

Here is my Christian persecution story for the week. Radical supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, following Muslim prayer services on Friday March 28, pulled a young Christian women out of her car and killed her because she had a cross visibly hanging from her rear view mirror. Meanwhile the police have made no arrests in the case.

Here’s the horrific story from BosNewsLife:

The 25-year-old Mary Sameh George, a devoted Coptic Christian, was hauled out of her car, beaten and stabbed to death by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Cairo, the capital, after they saw a cross hanging from her rear-view mirror, according to witnesses.

"Mary had stopped her vehicle and parked in front of the Sun Private School in Ain Shams Street, near the Virgin Mary and Archangel Michael Church, because of the march," said Wahid, who saw the attack from his apartment. "The Muslim Brotherhood supporters saw a hanging cross on her car and recognized that she was a Christian, so they attacked her," he added in remarks published by the International Christian Concern (ICC) advocacy group.

George was murdered in Cairo’s suburb of Ain Shams where she often delivered food and medicine to elderly Christians and Muslims, after ending her shift at a local communications company, Christians said.

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Response: It has been a while since I posted about the ongoing persecution of Christian particularly in Muslim lands. Frankly, all of the stories I read are so numerous it is nearly overwhelming to pick just one but if I posted on all of them the entire character of this site would change considerably. In the last week alone there have been more bombings of Christians in Nigeria, A Christian couple received death sentences for ‘blasphemy against Islam’ for supposedly sending emails critical of Muhammad even though the couple are actually illiterate and there was no real hard evidence that linked them to offending messages. However this particular case of Mary Sameh George was so horrible and egregious that I could not pass on it. Here is a question that this event raises in my mind. Why is it that Muslims seems more prone to radical violence after attending prayer services on Fridays?

Our target area of coverage on this site is religion and culture with a focus upon Christianity and culture.  One particular concern we constantly address is religious freedom in America but also around the world. The persecution of Christians is only part of that ongoing focus.             *Top

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