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-Russia: First Crimea Next Alaska?

by Dr. D ~ April 1st, 2014

English: Russian Orthodox Church and Churchyar...

                               (Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska: Wikipedia)

First Crimea next Alaska? Yes it is April Fools Day and this is my not so funny contribution.

However ‘Alaska’ is now the favorite punch line to a joke that is supposedly making the rounds among the jubilant Russian leaders in Moscow.

Also, 30,000 or so ‘Alaskans’ have actually signed a White House petition to rejoin the Russian Empire under Putin. Here’s the story from HotAir:

Some Alaskans apparently are not opposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent annexation of Crimea—in fact, they are hoping to be grabbed up next.

More than 30,000 Alaskans have signed the petition “Alaska back to Russia,” pleading that the White House allow them to secede and join their native land. If the request garners 100,000 signatures by April 20, the White House will make an official response.

<Read the whole article>

One wonders if those supposed ‘Alaskans’ might really be some of the same folks who contributed to the recent 95% vote in Crimea?

Here’s a story that isn’t so much a joke but a maybe real dispute. Some Russian officials are seeking the return of 30 Russian Orthodox churches in Alaska and a whole island that housed one of their monasteries. Here’s the story from the Moscow Times which is entitled-“After Crimea, Russians Say They Want Alaska Back”:

Alaska is home to more than 30 Russian Orthodox churches, six of which are U.S. National Historical Landmarks. These remnants of the state’s Russian history may offer Russia, or at least Russia’s most popular faith, the best chance of reclaiming portions of Alaskan territory.

Researchers led by Aysen Nikolayev, the mayor of Yakutsk, a far northern city of 270,000, have found archival evidence that suggests Alaska’s Spruce Island still belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church.

Nikolayev has petitioned President Vladimir Putin, both chambers of the Russian parliament and the Foreign Ministry for the return of the largely uninhabited Spruce Island to the Russian Orthodox Church.  …

"I have not proposed that Spruce Island be returned to the Russian Federation," he said. "I have only proposed that it be returned to the Russian Orthodox Church, which is active in many countries. Very few people live on Spruce Island. And if the Russian Orthodox Church were to retrieve its land, I highly doubt that anyone would be evicted."

Dan Clarion, the mayor of Ouzinkie, Spruce Island’s only town, had never heard that the 46-square-kilometer island in the Kodiak Archipelago supposedly still belonged to the Russian Orthodox Church.

"There is a Russian Orthodox monastery on the other side of the island, but I have never heard claims that the whole island belongs to the Church," said Clarion, who oversees a town of 185 people, in a telephone interview.

Read the whole interesting article to get the Russian perspective on this April Fools Day not-so-much a joke. It could send chills up your spine. It really does give one a new perspective of how weak the Obama administration is viewed by the Russian leaders and maybe the rest of the world.  That is no joke.            *Top

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