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-UN Group Demands Church Change on Abortion and Homosexuality

by Dr. D ~ March 28th, 2014

New york - UN building

                                    ( UN building in New York: Janitors)

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child recently demanded that the Catholic church change it’s worldview and teaching on abortion, contraceptives, and homosexual behavior. Here’s the incredible story from Speak Up Movement:

One of the more outrageous recent assaults is coming from the United Nations. …

The Convention on the Rights of the Child told the Catholic Church to yield its Biblical beliefs to a worldview that can only be called secular — and the darker things that come with it.

The Convention called for the Church to approve abortion and homosexual behavior. It told the Church to approve of contraceptives – not just adults, but for children!

…The committee demanded the Catholic Church change its teaching on family. It accused the Church of “stigmatizing” and contributing to “violence” against the children of homosexual parents. …

This assault on religious freedom is not occurring in a vacuum. It raises red flags for Protestants and Catholics alike. Though the Catholic Church is under attack now, everyone with Biblical beliefs on marriage, life, and liberty should pay attention. An attack on anyone’s religious liberty is an attack on all.

<Read the whole article>

Response: Incredible! Another day- another group opposing the Bible, the Christian Church, religious liberty and freedom in America. Unfortunately we have an administration that is substantially on the same page as this UN organization. But fortunately we still have a Constitution that continues to guarantee religious freedom. At least it does for as long as 9 SCOTUS justices continue to support the traditional understanding of the First Amendment.            *Top

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