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-Is Some Biblical Teaching Now ‘Political’ Speech That Violates Tax-Exempt Status?

by Dr. D ~ March 18th, 2014

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Can some Biblical teaching now be deemed as ‘political’ speech that violates tax-exempt status? Yes, I believe that we will soon be entering a new era in the USA where ministries and churches may be legally challenged over their biblical teaching and continued support for marriage between one man and one woman.

Since same sex marriage has become a political issue all across America and in every state, teaching and preaching on traditional marriage could soon be considered as ‘political’ speech. Using that rationale, I believe that gay rights activists may soon begin to sue and legally challenge the tax-exempt status of the churches and ministries of well know pastors.

The new line of thinking from progressive activists is that the Constitution may protect free speech and religious teaching and liberty but says nothing about preserving tax-exempt status. In fact, agents from the Obama administration IRS in the last several years have even questioned some new ministries about the content of their teaching and prayers in response to applications for non-profit status. So what I am concerned about is not idle speculation but is already being acted upon.

Here’s a quote from an article from the Speak Up Movement on this very issue:

The realm of the Church is being invaded by the realm of the political today.  This might seem like a strange statement, but consider this example: Over thirty years ago, a pastor could preach a sermon from Scripture that marriage was between one man and one woman and no one would have been concerned or would have even thought to complain to the IRS that the Church was violating the Johnson Amendment in the tax code by speaking politically.  Yet today, if a pastor were to stand in the pulpit and preach a sermon that says marriage is between one man and one woman, that sermon would be instantly deemed “political,” and somehow church-goers, and the culture at large, would assume that the Church was wrong and should stay out of “politics.”

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The point is, it is time for churches and ministries to get ready for this kind of legal assault on their religious speech and liberty. The current makeup of the Supreme Court would probably still support religious freedom but who will be there after a challenge of this sort slowly makes it’s way through the ups and downs of the district and appeals court process? The time may soon come when Christians in the USA will need to stand up and be counted or watch their religious rights and liberty slip away and see America changed forever.            *Top

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