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-Justice Dept. Protects Muslim Religious Liberty

by Dr. D ~ March 10th, 2014

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(Updated 3/11) The Obama administration is at least protecting the religious rights of some in America- Muslims.

The Justice Department is currently suing a Philadelphia school district so that a Muslim employee will be able to maintain his customary ‘religious’ beard. Here’s the story from Philly.com:

The U.S. Department of Justice has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the School District of Philadelphia, claiming a rule regulating the length of employees’ beards constitutes religious discrimination.

According to the suit filed Wednesday, the district in October 2010 instituted a new grooming policy preventing school police officers and security guards from having beards longer than a quarter of an inch.

School police officer Siddiq Abu-Bakr maintained an untrimmed beard for the 27 years he worked at the district, the suit states. Abu-Bakr is a member of the Islamic faith, which he says requires that he not cut his beard.

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In another recent story the Obama administration EEOC announced that it was suing a trucking company for firing two Muslim employees who refused to deliver alcohol. According to the EEOC this is a violation of their religious civil rights.

In a third news account, the administration recently announced that they were making some concessions in the armed forces for wearing religious beards and headgear while on active duty.

Response:It is ironic that the Obama administration seems sensitive to the religious needs and liberties of Muslims in the USA while at the very same time it is trying to force Christians to violate their religious conscience and beliefs.

One of the first things that Barack Obama did when he became president was to cancel a Bush executive order that protected health care workers and pharmacists from being forced into activities and actions contrary to their religious convictions. Now health workers are subject to firing if they refuse to participate in abortions or distributing abortifacients.

Recently the very same Justice Department went out of its way to strong arm the Little Sisters of the Poor in trying to force that Catholic order of nuns to comply with the Obamacare HHS Contraceptive/Abortifacient Mandate. Fortunately Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor issued a temporary dispensation for the order. Nevertheless, the Obama white House continues to insist that eventually the sisters and other groups will be forced to comply regardless of their religious convictions.

Also, while Muslim beards and headgear are now being accommodated for in the military, the same administration is clamping down on Christians sharing their faith and in some training situations have referred to evangelical Christians as radical ‘hate groups’ that need to be watched.

So on one hand the Obama administration is looking out for and supporting the religious liberty of Muslims while at the same time it is restricting the religious rights of Christians? For a long time I have characterized this administration as the worst ever when it comes to freedom of religion. I was wrong- at least partially so. It is the best administration ever for protecting the religious rights of Muslims but it continues to be the worst for conservative Christians.             *Top

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