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-Re: Arizona Bill 1062- What We Just Observed

by Dr. D ~ February 27th, 2014

Governor while meeting with United States Pres...

        (Governor Brewer: Wikipedia)

Yesterday Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed bill 1062 from the state legislature that easily passed both houses but quickly became a major national skirmish in the American culture wars.

It started out as a bill to protect the religious freedom of business owners in Arizona but quickly became a national symbol of bigotry and discrimination. In this case perception trumped the truth and a lock-step major media won the day.

Gov. Brewer quickly vetoed the bill under considerable pressure from a national outcry including protests from major businesses, the NFL, and others who promised to avoid having conventions, the Super Bowl, and expansion in the state if the bill became law.

The major media in newspaper print and over the air is celebrating today and glorying in their influence which was clearly demonstrated in the bill’s demise.

Response: Perception is everything anymore in America. The bill was characterized as anti-homosexual discrimination and the product of the worst kind of bigotry since the ‘Jim Crow’ era. Fact: The two page bill did not even mention homosexuality.

What we just observed was the beginning of the end for religious freedom as we have known it in the USA for the last 200+ years. Look for homosexual rights to trump religious liberty in any future conflict regardless of where one might live or any laws to the contrary.

You might say that it was only an Arizona issue but you would be entirely incorrect. It became a national firestorm with every state politician and judge across America as witnesses. There will be no more bills protecting religious freedom forthcoming in any state after what just happened in Arizona. Also, do not expect any judge this side of the Supreme Court to stand up for religious liberty in any conflict with homosexual rights and same-sex marriage.             *Top

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