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-Obama Administration Has Plans to ‘Monitor’ Media Content?

by Dr. D ~ February 19th, 2014

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The American main stream media is more supportive and compliant to President Obama and his administration than any before and yet it apparently is not enough? According to this report the President through the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is planning to put government ‘monitors’ in every major market newsroom across the country. Here’s the story from Infowars.com:

The American Center for Law and Justice is warning of an Obama administration plan to place government monitors in newsrooms via an FCC proposal…

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai recently lifted the lid on a shocking White House proposal entitled ‘Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs’ that would dispatch researchers from the federal agency “to grill reporters, editors and station owners about how they decide which stories to run.”

According to Pai, the program is about “pressuring media organizations into covering certain stories.” In other words – the fairness doctrine on steroids.

“That’s right, the Obama Administration has developed a formula of what it believes the free press should cover, and it is going to send government monitors into newsrooms across America to stand over the shoulders of the press as they make editorial decisions,” writes the ACLJ’s Matthew Clark, noting that the plan would also extend to newspapers, which the FCC doesn’t even have any business being involved with.

<Read the whole article>

Response: Incredible, so much for ‘freedom of the press.’ Already the USA under President Obama has slipped to number 46 internationally when it comes to a free media. If this plan were to be realized then America would be forever changed and our press would be competing with the likes of Putin’s mother Russia.

I find it hard to believe that this would ever go unchallenged but so many over reaching ‘extra legal’ things that this President has done has received merely a whimper and a pass. Nevertheless this prospect is chilling to say the least and this kind of action should result in a ‘firestorm’ of opposition from every quarter.

I do find it doubtful that this will ever come to fruition but stranger things have happened in the last 5 years. For sure, I cannot foresee it being in place before the midterm Congressional elections this year. Hopefully the American media will wake up and rise up to this challenge to free speech and freedom of the press before it is too late.             *Top            

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