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-Obama Administration Leaves Religious Freedom Post Empty

by Dr. D ~ February 18th, 2014

Barack Obama on the Primary

          (Photo credit: jurvetson)

Recently President Obama spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC and his topic was the current crisis of religious persecution and the lack of religious freedom around the world. It sounded very good until you consider that his own record when it comes to religious liberty in America is one of the worst ever.

Also the very government post that is supposed to address this issue- "Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom" is currently empty and there are no plans to fill the position in the near future. So just how really concerned is the President about religious freedom after all?

Here’s the story from the VOM Persecution Blog:

That brings us to the remarks made by Elliott Abrams, a commissioner of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), who told the subcommittee that the lack of an ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom sends the wrong message about the U.S. stance on religious freedom. Nettleton explains, “I think the message sent by this administration has been that this is not a high priority: ‘There are other things that we are more interested in,’ and that tone has really carried through.”

Following the abrupt departure by Susanne Johnson-Cook in October, the Obama administration did not set a timeline to replace her. The post has only been filled for 30 months of the Obama Administration, which seems to reinforce the true priorities of the Administration. Nettleton says, “The fact that this International Religious Freedom post has been vacant so much of the Obama administration says those words are nice, but the actions really haven’t matched up to that. We haven’t seen that commitment in terms of the day-to-day hard work that it takes to influence other countries, to provide more freedom for our Christian brothers and sisters.”

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Response: So again, just how really concerned is President Obama about religious freedom after all? The remarks by Elliot Abrams make it very plain that the President talks a good game but his actions and those of his administration do not follow the nice words that they speak. In fact they demonstrate to the world a very different set of priorities.            *Top

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