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-Hope For Religious Freedom in State Legislation?

by Dr. D ~ February 17th, 2014

Louisiana congressman Bobby Jindal

       (Gov. Bobby Jindal: Wikipedia)

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said in an address that the key to preserving religious freedom in America lies with State legislation. Here’s the story from the Baptist Press:

Americans must fight at the state level to protect religious liberties threatened by the Obama administration, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said in an address at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library. …

"We must enshrine in our state laws strong legal protections for churches, religious organizations and individual believers. No church or church-affiliated organization or individuals whose business is run in a manner consistent with their faith practices should be required by the state to take steps in conflict with their religion," Jindal said. "Nor should they be legally punished for how they treat marital arrangements outside the teachings of their faith."

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Response: There are two usual avenues pursued in order to maintain religious freedom in America. One is through the judicial system which is ongoing right now with over a hundred lawsuits against the Obama administration slowly making their way toward the Supreme Court. The other involves legislation through Congress.

However any bill coming out of Congress must be signed by President Obama assuming it gets through Harry Reid’s Democratic controlled Senate. Then any legislation also must depend upon the Obama administration to enforce the law. Unfortunately this President and administration typically refuses to abide by and administer any law they disagree with.

The state legislatures now offer the greatest hope for passing bills to protect religious freedom. State legislation is particularly important since many Christian businesses have recently found themselves in trouble with state governments for not supporting and supplying goods and services for same-sex ceremonies and weddings. With the rise of same-sex marriages have also come the rise of challenges to religious freedom across America.            *Top

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